Boann - Jigsaw Puzzle
Boann - Jigsaw Puzzle
Boann - Jigsaw Puzzle

Boann - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Beautiful 500 piece high quality jigsaw puzzle featuring a Celtic legend illustration by Irish artist Jim FitzPatrick.

Produced on linen paper and blue puzzle cardboard
Size 48.5 x 34.5cm

Goddess Boann

Boann was the river-goddess of the river Boyne and a warrior princess of the mystical tribe known as the Tuatha Dé Danann who came to Ireland in earliest times in a fleet of ships that ‘sailed the high air and the low air’ and conquered the island of Éireann. She also gave her name to the river Bóinn, or Boyne, in Co. Meath, which runs beside the Brú at Newgrange.

Jim FitzPatrick

No man in Ireland has sharper awareness of what we inherit from the ancient past than Jim FitzPatrick. Not only is he an authority on Celtic art, his own highly individualistic work embodies all the Celtic virtues; vivid imagination, love of sumptuous detail harnessed to a breathtaking capacity for taking pains and - most significantly of all - a sense of the mystery that hides behind the material world.
He is the most eloquent Irish poet ever to wield a paintbrush.

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