Doors of Dublin Poster-Print
Doors of Dublin Poster-Print
Doors of Dublin Poster-Print

Doors of Dublin Poster-Print

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This Poster-Print celebrates the eighteenth and nineteenth century doors of Dublin, perhaps the most iconic images of the city’s architectural Golden Age. Many theories have been put forward to explain why they are so brightly painted and ornamented, none unfortunately likely to be true. It has been suggested, for instance, that the practice originated at the time of Elizabeth 1, when a Puritan administrator decreed that all the city’s door and window frames should be the same drab brown colour. In an act of the defiance, the artistic and expressive population responded by painting them in the brightest hues they could find. A similar story dates from reign of Queen Victoria in the late 1800’s. Some claim that after the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert, the grieving monarch ordered all the doors in Dublin painted black in his memory. Once again the rebellious Dubliners refused and turned their front doors into a riot of colour.

Poster-Prints© are produced on high quality 200gm art silk paper suitable for framing in a standard A2 size frame. The print itself and the six sided gift box are fully recyclable.

Photography © Liam Blake Design Brian Murphy

Each poster is presented in a full colour postal/gift box and printed on high quality 200Grm white silk paper

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