Ireland Map Pin-Up
Ireland Map Pin-Up

Ireland Map Pin-Up

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High quality cardboard hanging sign
Photography © Liam Blake

This product has been produced using a high end printing process which results in excellent print colour reproduction. 

Complete with hanging tag.

Colourful map of Ireland with photographic images from around the island by Liam Blake. 

The name Ireland offers an insight into the place itself and its people. It is a derivation of the ancient Irish word Eire, which probably means Western. To its own people, then, Ireland was the country in the West, the last island before the vast Atlantic Ocean. The Greeks and Romans transliterated the same word into Ierne, or Ivernia, eventually calling the island Hibernia – the land of winter. This perhaps reflects one European view of Ireland, a cold wet remote island lost off the western edge of the world. Yet Ireland’s isolation is illusory, for there has been a constant human interchange between her shores and those of her eastern neighbours for millennia. On this level the essence of the island has been woven into a unique cultural tapestry through the mingling of the diverse peoples who have contributed to its genius.

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