Irish Landscapes Calendar 2022
Irish Landscapes Calendar 2022
Irish Landscapes Calendar 2022

Irish Landscapes Calendar 2022

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 Size 29.7cm x 21cm (opening to 59.4cm x 21cm)

A4 wall calendar featuring the personal selections of photographer Liam Blake.

Liam Blake travels the length and breadth of Ireland throughout the year in order to capture images of the people and landscape, the towns and villages, the pubs and shopfronts and to present them as a collection for you to enjoy in your own home or to give as a gift. Brighten up your life for the year ahead.

Perhaps no earthbound human eye can catch the essential unity of the Atlantic coasts. From south to north, stony wastes or patchy areas of human cultivation separate range upon range of stark mountains. Perhaps only from the skies above would it be possible to comprehend the awesome harmony of these wild shores, bounded between rocky hills and bogland on one side, and the endless reaches of the ocean on the other.

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