Jonathan Swift Pin-Up
Jonathan Swift Pin-Up

Jonathan Swift Pin-Up

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High quality cardboard hanging sign

This product has been produced using a high end printing process which results in excellent print colour reproduction. 

Complete with hanging tag.

Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin in November 1667. Entering Trinity College at the tender age of 14 Swift found himself ill-suited to the institution. The records show that he neglected his studies and on several occasions was censured for, amongst other transgressions, ‘tavern haunting’.  Swift is probably best known to modern audiences from his satirical works, most notably in what became known as Gulliver’s Travels. After the completion on his B.A. and M.A. in Trinity, Swift moved to London and worked as a political pamphleteer for both the Whigs and Tories, at various times. In 1713 Swift returned to Ireland on his appointment as Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral. He soon became a champion of the Irish cause and is now considered an Irish patriot. Swift died in 1745 and was buried in his own cathedral.

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