DUBLIN - A Pictorial Guide

Dublin, like most great cities, did not grow overnight. Founded by the Vikings over a thousand years ago, it has evolved through the Middle Ages and Georgian Era to become one of the friendliest and most fashionable capitals in Europe. This illustrated guide tells the story of Dublin and introduces some of its more important sights to the visitor - from medieval cathedrals and eighteenth century architectural masterpieces to museums, public houses and parks. Featuring the photographs of Liam Blake, one of the city’s most renowned photographers, it is equally an aid to exploring Dublin and a tribute to its culture and history.

Despite its fame around the world, Dublin is a remarkably small and intimate city. This is an important aspect of its charm, for within the compact central districts are museums, art galleries, medieval cathedrals and churches, Georgian terraces and great public buildings – all part of a history that goes back over a thousand years. Yet Dublin is equally renowned for its lively pubs, theatres, music venues and literary heritage. All of these contribute to the contemporary city’s uniquely vibrant atmosphere and great social and cultural scene. 





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